Site-Seeing Project

I remember arriving in London in the midsummer heat of 2002. The dark water of the Thames was sparkling with relentless sun and reflecting in the windows of the grand buildings overlooking its banks. I was infatuated with its architectural grandeur and little did I know that I would become one of the stories behind these facades. I have seen London transforming first-hand as a migrant worker for over a decade and felt it is good to remind ourselves that behind every architectural gem there is an incredibly complex and potentially the most diverse assembly of men and women on our planet.

Each one of us sees our environment differently but only through coming together we accomplish such extraordinary feats. The photos presented here are in this light a more intimate view of the London city, through which we become distinctly aware of our surroundings  and  realize that it would not have been possible otherwise.

Maciek Popławski © 2016