All of the photos were taken with a phone camera and subjected to a filter bash to distill the feel.

Three initial prints have already been sneakily shown at Ernst & Young Canary Wharf and although this may have been cheating that place is very well suited for this kind of thing. They may eventually hang in some cool spaces to tell a story of the hoarded cityscapes and edifices filled with industrial noise and unfamiliar languages.

I called the album ‘Grey Areas’ because transforming London skyline has not always been a constructive story. Some of the forces behind the process have been recognized to be detrimental to the wellbeing of the city residents, primarily by pricing whole communities out of their homes and reshaping the economy in favour of the big business. As a London worker I am somehow part of both sides of this local-global trend. This debate was at the heart of the mayoral elections and is considered by many to be the greatest challenge facing London.